I’ve just received death certificates for Louisa Robb, nee Bowman, my great-grandmother and wife of Charles Edward Robb, and for their daughter Marion Fanny. I’d been intrigued by the fact that they died within two months of each other and wondered if there might be any connexion between the two events. Marion Fanny (who bore the names of Charles’ mother and his stepmother) died on 1st April 1905 at the London Hospital in Mile End New Town, Whitechapel. She was 16 years old. The cause of death is given as : ‘Pericarditis, 20 days. Myocardiac failure.’ In other words, Marion died of heart failure.Louisa died on 8th June 1905 at an Isolation Hospital. She was 48 years old. Her cause of death is given as typhoid fever. Her husband Charles was present at the death. My knowledge of medicine is slim, but it looks as though there is no connexion between these two deaths. However, one can imagine how painful a time this must have been for my great-grandfather Charles, losing both a teenage daughter and his wife, at a comparatively young age, in quick succession. Added to this, his son Charles William had died in Aden (serving in the army?) in the previous year.By my reckoning, Louisa’s death would have left Charles with the care of five surviving children. My grandfather, Arthur Ernest, would have been about 8 years old at this time. Obviously, neither my father or any of his siblings knew their grandmother, but I would welcome contact from other descendants of Charles and Louisa who might have any additional information that can round out the picture.