As I sit here typing, I have beside me a letter from the Wesleyan East End Mission 242 Cable Street, London, written on February 17th 1894. It’s from a Peter Thompson, and it’s a character reference for my great grandfather, Charles Edward Robb. It was found in the papers of my grandfather, Arthur Ernest Robb.The reference, which is described as a copy, reads as follows:’I have known Charles E Robb for about 8 years and have always found him honest, sober and thoroughly trustworthy – most eager to do fully and well all is duties. He is intelligent and takes a deep interest in his work and will do faithfully his best in whatever he undertakes.’We know that Charles and his family were living in Pell Street, and Charles was housekeeper at the Mission, at the time of the 1891 census. One of my aunts also believes that this was the case when my grandfather was born in 1897, but the date of this reference indicates otherwise.There are a number of addresses for the Mission’s various branches given on the letterhead, including a Boys’ Brigade Headquarters in Wellclose Square. Is the fact that Charles ended up working so close to where his wife Louisa grew up, and where her family still lived, simply coincidence?