Death of Matilda Robb (King)

I’ve just received the death certificate for Matilda King, nee Robb, daughter of Charles Edward Stuart Robb. She died on 25th August 1870, having suffered for 4 months from Marasinus (?) diarrhoea. I ordered the certificate in the hope that it would reveal some information about what happened to Matilda after her marriage to Frederick King – and, to an extent, it does. We learn from the certificate that her husband predeceased her, since she is described as his widow (his occupation is given as ‘silk dyer’). Their married life together was obviously terribly short. We also learn that Matilda died at 31 Turners Road, Mile End Old Town, which is the address given for her brother William and his family in the census of  the following year. The certificate tells us that the ‘informant’ of the death was ‘M M Robb’ at the same address. This is probably Marianne Mansfield Robb, William’s second wife. So it would appear that, perhaps following Frederick’s death (and I need to find out when that was) Matilda went to live with her brother and his family.

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