Thanks to the generous help of Ron Roe in Lavenham (great grandson of Caleb Roe, brother to Daniel Roe junior, my 2 x great grandfather), I’ve been able to fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge of the Roes, and their links with the Holdsworths, as mentioned in my earlier post.

It seems that Eliza Holdsworth, wife of Daniel Roe senior of Biggleswade, and Kezia Holdsworth, wife of John Blanch, and mother of Mary Ann Blanch, were indeed cousins. Eliza (born 1801) was the daughter of William Holdsworth (born 1771 in South Weald, Essex, and interestingly a cordwainer – another shoe maker) and Lydia Evins. William’s brother John (born 1765 in Chipping Norton) was the father of Kezia Holdsworth (born 1804) who would later marry John Blanch. So, as Ron points out, Mary Ann was not only Eliza’s cousin once removed: as a result of marrying Daniel, she was also her daughter-in-law. 

In my previous post on the Roes, I suggested that Daniel junior might have come to London to stay with his relations, the Blanch/Holdsworths, and to learn the shoemaking trade from Kezia’s husband John. However, Ron informs me that Daniel senior was also a shoemaker and had a shop in Stratton Street, Biggleswade, so the trade passed from father to son.

 Ron has also established fairly conclusively that the family, at this stage anyway, were Baptists. Certainly Eliza was, and Daniel’s and Eliza’s daughter Anna Maria (Hannah in some records), who died in 1844 at the age of about 18, was commemorated by a gravestone in the Old Meeting House burial ground in Biggleswade.