More confirmation arrived in the post today – this time of the French-Webb connection on my dad’s (Robb) side of the family – in the form of a copy of my grandmother Mary Emily Elizabeth (‘Polly’) Webb’s birth certificate.

My gran was born on 10th June 1898 at 32 Coutts Road, Mile End Old Town, daughter of George Webb, described as a journeyman house decorator, and Mary Webb, formerly French.

As I’ve mentioned before, the French connection is becoming a lot clearer, in part thanks to the number of other people researching the family. But I’m still having trouble tracing George Webb’s forebears. They’re common names, and there seem to have been a lot of George Webbs around in the London area at that time. I need a breakthrough, such as finding the date of George’s marriage to Mary French, so that I can order the certificate and see who his father was.

In one of my posts on the Roe family, I mentioned that Mary Blanch who married Daniel Roe was a cousin at one remove to her mother-in-law. There’s an even closer family link in the French family. As already mentioned, Mary French married George Webb and gave birth to Mary Emily Elizabeth, my gran. A younger son, George (my gran’s brother) would later marry Josephine (‘Jo’) Clifford, daughter of Mary French’s sister Jessie – in other words, his first cousin. So two George Webbs married into successive generations of the French family – and two lots of Webbs descended from the same lot of Frenches.