Tracing the Londors family – the ancestors of my grandfather George John Londors, born 1897 – has been made difficult by differences in the spelling of this unusual surname. In different census records, the name is spelt as Landers, Lenders, Linders and Londres: the first three are transcription errors on the Ancestry site, but the last one appears to be a mistake by the census clerk. However, we need to remember that some of those whose names were recorded would have been illiterate. And the last example is perhaps a hint of how they pronounced their name: Londers, rather than Londors?

Anyway, this post records what I’ve been able to discover so far about the Londors family. I’ve managed to get back as far as my 3 x great grandfather, John Londors. He was born in 1786 in Woodford, Essex and married Mary Ann, born in Barking in 1802. By the time of the 1841 census, the Londors family was living at White Hall (?) near Hattons Corner, Barking. John was 55 years old and working as an agricultural labourer and Mary was 35. They had 5 children: John, born 1828, already working as an agricultural labourer at the age of 13; Sarah, born 1830; Elizabeth, born 1833, William, born 1837; and Mary, born 1841 and only 11 months old.

Ten years later we find the family living at ‘Beehive’, Barkingside. John senior is now 65 but still working, while Mary Ann is 45. John junior is 23, and like his younger brother William, 14, is working as an agricultural labourer. Mary is 10, and there are two new additions: James, born in 1843 and George, born in 1846. Elizabeth who would have been 18 by this time, is not listed, so perhaps was living elsewhere, if she survived. Also living with the family was Sarah Brown, born 1829 and thus aged about 21, described by the census as a ‘visitor’. Her name and age match those of John junior’s future wife.

By 1861, John Londors junior now 33, has married Sarah, 32, and is living at a separate address from his parents, though still at Hattons Corner. John and Sarah have a 6 year old daughter Alma (perhaps a clue to the origin of my mother’s middle name?) and Alice, who was one year old. They had two lodgers, who look as though they might have been father and son: William and George Thoroughgood, aged 56 and 22 respectively, and both born elsewhere in Essex (Great Easton and Lindsell). William is described as a widower.

John senior and Mary Ann were living down the road: though now 75, John is still described as an agricultural labourer. William and James are still at home, and in the same line of work, while Mary, 21, is described as a ‘farm servant indoor’.

It’s interesting that the junior branch of the Londors family were living next door to St. Swithins farm. Ten years later, in 1871, both branches of the family are recorded as living in St. Swithins Road, Barking. John senior, 85, and Mary, 63, are living alone, next door to Claybury Hall, owned by the Bremmer family, tobacco brokers, who are described as having 9 servants living with them. John junior and family are once again living down the road from his parents. John and Sarah are now 43 and 43 respectively, and they have 5 children: Alice, 11, Edith, 9, George, 7, Albert 4, and Emma, 4 months. Their daughter Alma, if she survived, would be 16 by now, so perhaps was living and working elsewhere. The elder of the two Thoroughgoods – William, now aged 66 – is still lodging with them.

By the time of the 1881 census, John, Sarah and family are living at Shattmans Farm, Beehive Road, Barking – in the cottage in the yard, as mentioned in my earlier post. George was now 17, Albert 14, and Emma has become Nancy Emma, aged 10. Alice and Edith, who would have been 21 and 19 respectively, are no longer living at home. As mentioned in my earlier post, 6 year old William Angar, John and Sarah’s grandson, is also at the same address: perhaps Angar is the married name of either Alice or Edith?

So far, I’ve been unable to find any records for the family from 1891. By 1901, as mentioned in my previous post, John’s son George, now 37, was married to another Sarah, 31, and living at Roding Cottages, with their children George (my grandad) and Albert, George senior’s brother Albert, Mabel Young, the mysterious stepdaughter, and Sarah’s brother Isaac Pumpfrett.