I’ve received a copy of the marriage certificate for Richard and Marianne Ellis, and the details seem to match those we have already. As mentioned in previous posts, I’m interested in the Ellis family because of their close ties with the Blanches, which resulted in my 2 x great grandparents, Daniel and Mary Ann Roe (nee Blanch) giving the middle name ‘Ellis’ to their son Daniel, and to my great grandparents, Joseph and Eliza Roe, giving the same middle name to their son Walter. I’m hoping that the further details provided by the marriage certificate will help me in my continuing search to unravel the significance (and origin) of the Ellis connection for the Roe and Blanch families.

Confirmation that the Richard Ellis named on the marriage certificate is ‘our’ Richard Ellis (father of Frances Marianne who married James George Blanch, Sophia Sarah who married David John Blanch, and Mary Ann who was nursed as a baby by Keziah Blanch) is given in his occupation – builder – and the address – Richmond Street, St. James, Westminster – both of which match the record in the 1851 census. Richard’s father’s name is given as Thomas Ellis, also a builder. Marianne’s maiden name is given as Burbridge, and her father’s name as Robert Burbridge, a victualler. The marriage was witnessed by Mary Ellis and John Bleaklock (?). The absence of the couple’s fathers as witnesses suggests that one or both may have died by this point. Mary is likely to be Richard’s mother or sister.

The wedding took place on 25th March 1841. The 1841 census was taken in June. So far, I’ve failed to find any record of Richard and Marianne in the records, but knowing their address may help. My efforts to trace the families of Thomas Ellis and Robert Burbridge have also come to nothing and are made more difficult by the fact that they may have died before the first nationwide census. Perhaps following up Mary Ellis might help.