In my continuing efforts to trace the links between the Roe, Blanch and Ellis families, I’ve managed to get hold of the death certificate for Richard Ellis’ father, Thomas. He died on 21st February 1838, age 58 years, which means that he was born around 1780. The cause of death is given as asthma, and like his son, Thomas Ellis was a carpenter (though in some census records Richard is also described as a builder). 

The most interesting information from my point of view is that the address given for both Thomas and Richard (who was the informant of the death) is 3 Richmond Street, St. James, Westminster. We know that Richard was living in Richmond Street at the time of his marriage to Marianne Burbridge in 1841. This new evidence confirms that it had been the Ellis family home for some time. However, so far I’ve been unsuccessful in tracking down the 1841 census record for Richmond Street and am beginning to wonder if it’s missing.

No luck yet, either, in finding any record of Thomas Ellis’ wife, or of Richard’s birth, that would give us more information about other family members, and perhaps throw light on the origins of their connection with the Blanch and Roe families.