My mother, Joyce Alma Londors (born in East Ham, 1933) is the daughter of George John Londors (1897-1960) and Minnie Louisa Roe (1902-1987).

George John Londors was the son of another George Londors (born in Barkingside, 1864) and Sarah Young (born in Ilford, 1870), whose other children included Albert Londors (1900-1958). Albert married Annie Livens (1899-1993), and they had a son, also named Albert, born in 1935. Albert – or Bert, as he prefers to be known – has three daughters: Andrea, Cherry Anne and Rosamund. 

There has been no communication between the Londors cousins – my mother’s family and Bert’s family – since they were children, and in fact neither branch of the family knew where the others were living. However, Bert has been trying to locate my mother and her sister Vera – daughters of his late uncle George – for a number of years. Then his daughter Ros started researching the Londors family history and, googling some names, found her way to this blog. One email led to another and we were able to put Bert in touch with his cousins Joyce and Vera.

The cousins were finally reunited in person at my parents’ house in Chelmsford last Friday. Although Bert has recently moved to Bournemouth, it seems that for many years he and his family also lived in Chelmsford, where Ros and Andrea still live. So the long-lost cousins had been living in the same town without knowing it.