In my continuing quest to sort out the connections between the Roe, Blanch and Ellis families, I’ve been trying to find records in the 1841 census for Richmond Street, in the parish of St. James, Westminster – where I know the Ellis family were living at the time. After extensive searching online, I still couldn’t locate records for any of the streets in this part of Soho, so I emailed a query to the National Archives. Now I’ve had this reply:

Dear Mr Robb

Thank you for your email of 9 July 2008.

I can confirm that the whole of the sub-district of Berwick Street, St James Westminster which includes Richmond Street, Rupert Street is missing from the 1841 Census.

I’m sorry to have to send what will be a disappointing reply.

Yours sincerely
Gerry Toop
Events & Outreach Deputy Manager 
The National Archives

This is, indeed, extremely disappointing. I was hoping that seeing the Ellis family data for 1841 would confirm the names of family members and help me to unravel any possible links with the Blanch family. Back to the drawing board!