1911 census: the Londors family

In 1911 George John Londors, my mother’s father, was 14 years old and living with his parents at 1 Victoria Terrace, Barking. His father, also George, was 47 and was employed as a gravedigger at the City of London Cemetery (where my grandfather would later work). His mother, Sarah, was 41, and the couple had been married for 14 years.

Besides my grandfather, who was working as an errand boy, the household also included his brothers Albert, 10, Ernest, 8, and William, 6, all of whom were at school. There was also 17 year old Mabel Young, George senior’s stepdaughter ( presumably the child of an earlier marriage by Sarah), whose employment is described as ‘Collarworks. Shirt’ at ‘Celuloid Works’. (The spelling on this record is rather erratic: ‘errand’ is spelt ‘earrant’, ‘Ernest’ as ‘Earnest’ and ‘Mabel’ as ‘Mable’: given that householders had to sign the record sheet in person, perhaps they also had to fill it in themselves and this is a reflection of George senior’s level of education?).

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