Family members in London directories

Also at The Genealogist (see post below this one), I’ve found some family members – or rather, people connected to the Roe family, and therefore in my family tree – in the London directory for 1846.

Richard Ellis, carpenter, is listed at 2 & 3 Richmond Street, Leicester Square: in the 1851 census, he’s at No.3, but it may be that his (work)shop extended across both (both addresses seem to have had multiple occupants).

Two Blanch brothers, Thomas and David, coach smiths, are in Ham Yard, Great Windmill Street. John Blanch – father in law of my 2 x great grandfather Daniel Roe – is at 2 Green Street, as in the 1851 census, but whereas the latter lists his trade as ‘bootmaker’, here he is described as a ‘leather seller’ – perhaps the two went together…

I’ve begun to search the Poll Books at The Genealogist, but none of my Robb, Seager, Roe or Blanch forebears are mentioned: you had to be a freeman, owning your own house or a least an acre of property, to qualify, apparently.

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