Following up on this post, I’ve now obtained a copy of the marriage certificate  for my grandparents, Arthur Ernest Robb and Mary Emily Elizabeth (‘Polly’) Webb. They were married on 1st May 1920, in the parish church of East Ham. My grandfather, who was 23, is described as a labourer, living at 71 Shelley Avenue, Manor Park, and my grandmother, who was 23, was living at 32 Brighton Road.

Arthur’s father, Charles Edward Robb, is said to be ‘retired’, while Polly’s father, George Webb, is described as a labourer. This information may provide a further clue as to the date of Charles Edward Robb’s death, for which I have yet to find a record. On the other hand, if he was still alive at the time, I wonder why he is not listed among the witnesses, both of whom were Webbs: the bride’s father, George, and Jessie Caroline, her younger sister.

It would be odd to give someone’s profession as ‘retired’ if they were dead. But I don’t know enough about the selection of witnesses at weddings to understand why Charles Robb would not be among them. Possibly he was too ill? The next step may be to search the BMD records for 1920 onwards.