I’ve just got hold of a copy of my 3 x great grandfather’s death certificate, and it matches all the details in the family Bible and other documents.

Charles Robb died on 10 June 1853 at 4o Tenison Street, York Road, Lambeth. He was 73 years old (putting his birth around 1780: some sources say 1779, others 1781) and he is described as a law clerk. The cause of death is given as: ‘Paralysis 6 years, Old age years certified’, suggesting that he had been ill for some time (his wife, Margaret, had died 10 years before).

The informant of the death was one ‘E. Matthews’ who was present at the death. This is probably the Eliza Matthews who, along with Thomas William Matthews, witnessed Charles’ last will and testament. Perhaps they were his landlord and landlady and he their tenant?

The circumstances of Charles Robb’s move from Charing Cross to Lambeth are obscure, but superficially it seems sad that he spent his final years away from his family and that none of them were present when he died.