The 1851 court case that I referred to here, involving various members of the Thomson/Robb/Young families, mentions that William Meikleham, second husband of Penelope Young (daughter of Penelope Thomson) had had his assets sequestered. This makes it likely that he is the  William Meikleham referred to in this piece of information from the University of Glasgow website:

William Meikleham (1802-1852) was the University’s Clerk of Senate from 1831 to 1845.

The son of William, Professor of Astronomy at the University, 1799 to 1803, and of Natural Philosophy, 1803 to 1846, William Jnr graduated MA from the University in 1820 and LLB in 1839. He was a member of the Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow.

Meikleham was the factor for the Hamilton Bursaries Foundation. When he became bankrupt in 1845 it was discovered that he owed £3,000 to the Foundation, a sum that had to be partially restored by members of the Faculty and the Duke of Hamilton. Meikleham had been re-elected as Clerk of Senate on 1 May 1845, but resigned on 10 December and a committee was appointed by the Senate “to examine his accounts with the graduation Fees.” He emigrated to the USA and died in Milwaukee.

The date of the bankruptcy fits with the account in the court records. I wonder if he and Penelope remained married and, if so, whether she emigrated to America with him?