In my last post I noted that George Robb and family were living at White House, Great Bromley, Essex, at the time of the 1871 census. There is no mention of them in the 1874 Post Office Directory for the village, so they must have moved on by then. But where did they go next?

The 1881 census for the village of Mistley, only a few miles away on the north Essex coast, has Jane Robb, a widow of 67, living with her unmarried 39 year old daughter Penelope, together with their servant, Margaret Craig, 35, at 5 Mistley Street. All three were born in Scotland.

The 1874 Post Office Directory for Mistley has a George Robb living at Mistley Abbey. But then we find mention of the death of George Robb in 1879 in the district of Tendring, which includes Mistley. He would have been about 73 years old.

Jane Robb, nee Thomson, died in 1884, also in Tendring. She was about 70.

As for their daughter Penelope, she obviously remained unmarried. In 1891 she is still living in Mistley Street, though she appears to have moved to No.13. The record gives her name as ‘Penelope A.B.Robb’, age 47 (remember that earlier records gave her name as ‘Penelope Ann Boyd Robb’), and describes her as ‘living on her own means’. Those ‘means’ enabled Penelope to employ a housekeeper, groom and cook. The latter two appear to have been a husband and wife team – Isaac and Anna M Wyatt – whose three young children were also living in the house. The Ancestry transcription has mistakenly attributed the children to the unmarried Penelope, as well as giving her the alternate surname of Wyatt (I’ve submitted a correction).

Penelope may have moved house again. The death of ‘Penelope Ann B Robb’ is recorded at Ipswich, Suffolk, in December 1900. She would have been about 60 years old.