I’ve obtained a copy of the birth certificate for Margaret Fanny Monteith Robb (sometimes referred to as Fanny Margaret), first-born daughter of William Robb and Fanny Sarah Seager.

Margaret Fanny was born on 16th February 1838, in the parish of St. Paul’s, Covent Garden. Her father William is described as ‘clerk to a solicitor’ and the family’s address is given as 6 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden.

Tavistock Street lies between Covent Garden market and the Strand, with which it runs parallel. This is the earliest address we have for William and Fanny, and was probably their home from the time of their marriage in 1836. (By the time their other children were born, the couple were living in Old Compton Street, a little further west, in the parish of St. Ann’s, Soho.)

Margaret Fanny Monteith Robb’s life was a short one: she died in February 1840, age 2 years, and was buried at Spa Fields.

Her first two names are those of her maternal grandmother and her mother, while ‘Monteith’ was the former’s maiden name. Despite this confirmation of of the Monteith connection, I’ve failed, so far, to find any trace of a Margaret Ricketts Monteith, or of her supposed parents, John and Matilda Monteith, in either the English or Scottish records.