The death certificate for Margaret Fanny Monteith Robb, who died on 26 February 1840, includes one or two interesting bits of information. As well as telling us that 2 year old Margaret died of croup, the certificate informs us that her mother’s address at the time was 7 Crown Court, in St. Clement Danes. Crown Court was a narrow street running north from the Strand, south of Lincoln’s Inn and between St. Clement Danes church and Temple Bar – i.e. roughly where the Royal Courts of Justice now stand.

As I reported in this post, 7 Crown Court was the family home of the Seagers, and the house where Fanny’s father Samuel Hurst Seager died in 1837. Was Fanny simply visiting her mother and brothers when she reported the death, or does this information confirm my suspicion that she and William lived apart for a time (as mentioned before, they seem both to have been living, or at least staying with their respective parents, at the time of the 1841 census)? A further alternative is that both William and Fanny were living with her parents at the time of Margaret’s death.

The other interesting new piece of information contained in this birth certificate is the full name of the child’s father. It’s given as William Monteith Robb – the first time I’ve seen his middle name mentioned, and yet more confirmation that this was, indeed, William’s mother’s maiden name. Of course, William may not have been christened with this name: he may have added it himself, out of regard for his mother, or family pride. (In writing both William’s and his daughter’s names, the registrar has mis-spelled Monteith as Montieth – but then, the spelling seems to have varied a fair bit – which may be one of the problems in trying to track down records of Margaret Ricketts Monteith).