In my post about the family of Charles Edward Stuart Robb, I listed the children born to George Robb in Auchterless in the 1760s and 1770s. I mentioned the baptisms of William, James, George and Charles, but omitted Alexander. The parish record reads as follows:

George Robb in Logie Newton had a son baptised named Alexander before witnesses Peter Hall in Bilbo and Alexander Robb yr (younger?) in Logie Newton.

Bilbo is another small settlement, like Bruckhills, not far from Logie Newton and Fisherford. As for Alexander Robb, what relation was he to George, and can finding out about him help us to fill in the background of the Robb family?

Looking through the records for Auchterless, I found that in 1782 Alexander Robb in ‘Loggie New Town’ had a child baptised called Alexander, and Peter Hall was again one of the witnesses. I’ve been unable to find any record of Alexander senior’s birth in Auchterless, but I’ve found possible matches in neighbouring parishes.

A search through the Old Parish Records finds an Alexander Robb born in 1740, to a William Robb, at Edingarioch in the parish of Premnay, Aberdeenshire. This same William Robb also had a daughter Elizabeth baptised in 1738 and a son William in 1743. Could these be the Alexander and William mentioned as witnesses to the baptisms of George’s children in Auchterless? Premnay is near the town of Insch, just a few miles south-west of Fisherford.

The 1841 census finds an Alexander Robb, age 60, living at Mill of Bam, Premnay. Could this be the Alexander who was baptised in Auchterless in 1782? Living with him were Isobel Robb, 65 (his wife?), Janet Robb, 60 (his sister?), together with a number of servants.

The only other likely record I can find is of an Alexander Robb, whose father’s name was Charles, born in Peterhead in 1759.

When George’s son Charles (possibly Charles Edward Stuart Robb) was baptised in 1779, one of the witnesses was ‘James Robb in Bruckhills’. James had at least three children of his own: William in 1757, Grace in 1759 and Elizabeth in 1761.

Again, my searches have failed to find any record of a James Robb born or married in Auchterless itself. However, there are records for births in Drumoak in 1732 (father’s name also James), Aberdour in 1737 (father’s name Alexander), and in Tarves in 1750 (father’s name William).  The latter is the closest geographically, being not far from Ellon and the home of Gilbert Rob mentioned a few posts ago. However, the date for this last birth is probably too late: the Tarves record notes that on 26 August 1750, William Robb in Flobbits (apparently a local settlement) had a child baptised named James.

Once again, there is no conclusive evidence here that any of these are my 3 x great grandfather’s family. And as before, I’m concerned that there might be separate Episcopalian records that I may be missing.