The death of Rev. William Robb

Thanks to the diligent researches of John Brechin in the archives of St Nicholas Episcopal church in Aberdeen, it’s now possible to confirm the details of Rev. William Robb’s death. 

It appears that William, ‘late Episcopal Clergyman, in St. Andrews’, died at Chapel Street, Aberdeen on 19th February, 1830, age 67 years. The cause of death is given as ‘paralysis and mental disease’.

Knowing William’s age at the time of his death enables us to be fairly sure that he is the William Robb, son of George Robb, who was born in Auchterless in 1763.

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One Response to The death of Rev. William Robb

  1. John says:

    Hi Martin,

    Thank you for the mention. It is my pleasure to help with our Robb anscestors on your great site.

    I just need to mention that I got the details at the ANESFHS from the work of the late A. Strath Maxwell, who did all the excellent transcribing from the Episcopal records into typed indexed books.

    Best wishes,


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