Assuming that George Robb of Logie Newton and George Robb of Fisherford are one and the same person (and that this is my 4 x great grandfather), here are the extracts from the Old Parish Records, recording the births and baptisms of his children:

23 August 1763

George Robb in Loggie Newtown had a son baptised named William. Witnesses Alexander Robb and Robert Simpson both there.

25th April 1765

George Robb in Loggie Newton had a son baptised named John before the congregation.

25th June 1767

George Robb in Logie Newton had a son baptised named Alexander before witnesses Peter Hall in Bilbo and Alexander Robb younger in Logienewton.

4th October 1769

George Rob in Logienewton had a child baptised named George before witnesses Patrick Hall in Bilbo and Alexr. Rob younger in Logienewton.

17th February 1772

George Robb in Logienewtown had a child baptised lawfully begot before these witnesses, named James. William Martland in Newton and William Robb in Newton.

19th March 1774

George Robb in Logie Newton had a child baptised named Jean witnesses Alexr. Robb and George Maitland both in Logienewton.

6th October 1776

George Robb in Logie Newton had twins baptised named Mary and Isabel before witnesses Alexr and William Robb in Logienewton.

16th December 1779

George Robb in Fisherford had a child named Charles baptised before witnesses Alexr. Robb in Logienewton and James Robb in Bruckhills.

The names of the witnesses to these baptisms may help us to discover more about the family of George Robb. At least two Alexander Robbs (older and younger) are mentioned, and since they are living (like George) in Logie Newton, it’s reasonable to suppose a close family relationship. Perhaps Alexander was George’s brother? Then again, there is a William Robb mentioned, also in Logie Newton. Given the naming practices of the time, could the fact that George named his first son William suggest that this was his father? I’m assuming that George’s son William would, at 14, have been too young to act as a witness, but I may be wrong on this. Finally, there is James Robb in Bruckhills, not far from Logie Newton: another brother perhaps?