Alexander Robb of Logie Newton appears as a witness to the births or baptisms of a number of the children of George Robb (my possible 4 x great grandfather). It’s likely, then, that he was a close relation of George (his brother?) and that finding out more about him may help us to trace the family back beyond George’s generation.

Searching through the Old Parish Records at Scotland’s People, I discovered that on 4th February 1779, Alexander Robb and Amelia Cruickshank, both of the parish of Auchterless, were married. It’s likely that this is the same Amelia Cruickshank who was born on 8th March 1752 (which would make her 25 at the time of her marriage), to George Cruickshank in Glenmellen. The latter was a small croft or settlement in the district of Ythan Wells, just along the road from Logie Newton, and just across the parish boundary in Forgue. One of the witnesses to Amelia’s birth/baptism was James Cruickshank of Balgaveny, a village a little further to the north.

Confirmation that the Alexander Robb who married Amelia Cruickshank is  Alexander Robb of Logie Newton comes in an Auchterless  birth/baptism record of 1782 – four years after the wedding. Alexander Robb in ‘Loggie New Town’ is said to have had a child baptised called Alexander before witnesses, who included a (Peter?) Hall in Bilbo (whose name occurs as a witnesses to baptisms in George Robb’s family) and George Cruickshank – presumably the father of Amelia.

It’s interesting to note that a James L. Cruickshank was a witness to the marriage of Charles Robb and Mary Hay at Tillymorgan in 1863, and that Charles and Mary would give their daughter Elizabeth the middle name ‘Cruickshank’. I note from looking in on Aberdeenshire genealogy forums that the Cruickshanks have a long association with the Fisherford/Tillymorgan area – and indeeed may still have property in the area.

There’s also a record of an Alexander Robb – I think in ‘New town’, though the record is difficult to read – having a son, John, baptised in July 1788. Unfortunately, no witnesses are mentioned.

Unfortunately, my search for the birth or origin of Alexander Robb has drawn a blank. There are only two birth/baptismal records for an Alexander Robb in the Aberdeenshire OPRs between 1740 and 1763 (I reckon that Alexander would have been at least 16 at the time of his wedding to Amelia, and probably no older than 40): one in Premnay in 1740 (to a William Robb) and the other in Peterhead in 1759 (to a Charles Robb).

Of course, this doesn’t allow for the possibility that Alexander’s birth – and those of other Robbs whose origins I haven’t been able to trace – was recorded in Episcopal records and not in the mostly Presbyterian OPRs.


In November 1779, we find that Alexander Robb junior in Logie Newton had a daughter named Mary baptised in Auchterless. There’s just enough time between February and November for this to be a legitimate birth, and the ‘junior’ suggests that Alexander’s father shared his name – see the next post.