Following on from the previous post: there are records of children being born to an Alexander Robb in Logie Newton in the 1760s. Since the Alexander referred to in the last post didn’t marry until 1779, this must be Alexander Robb senior – perhaps his father?

This older Alexander had a daughter named Mary baptised in 1764, another daughter Janet baptised in 1765 and a third daughter Jean baptised in 1766. At the latter event, the witnesses were John Robb in New Biggin and George Robb in Bruckhills. New Biggin is somewhat to the east of Logie Newton, as is Bruckhills, which we have come across before as the home of a James Robb, witness to ‘our’ George Robb’s children’s baptisms. I don’t think this can be the same George, as ‘our’ George is known to be living in Logie Newton by this date. But if it’s not him, it adds yet another mysterious member to the family.

Interestingly, on the same page as the record of Jean’s baptism, we find mention of the baptism of Isobel, daughter of George Cruickshank of Hasseywells, a settlement a little to the north of both Logie Newton and Glenmellan (see previous post). It’s unlikely that this is the George Cruikshank of Glenmellan whose daughter Amelia married Alexander Robb (junior?) in 1779, but perhaps it’s his son?

I can’t find any record of other children being born to Alexander senior before 1764. If he is Alexander Robb junior’s father (rather than, say, an uncle or older cousin), then the latter must have been born outside the parish. But where? If we could find records for the births of that generation – including ‘our’ George Robb, my 4 x great grandfather – we could break through the brick wall that’s preventing us from pushing the family history back beyond the mid 18th century.