The birth/baptism of my 3 x great grandfather Charles Robb, in 1779, was witnessed by Alexander Robb in Logie Newton and James Robb in Bruckhills. Who was this James Robb and what do we know about him – perhaps he was a brother to both Alexander and George, my 4 x great grandfather?

There are records of at least three children being born to this James Robb. In 1757 he had a son baptised named William, in 1759 a daughter named Grace, and in 1761 a daughter Elizabeth. One of the witnesses to Grace’s baptism was John Rob (sic) in Newbigging, who would later witness the baptism of Alexander Robb’s daughter in 1766.

I’ve tried to find out the identity of James’ wife. The most likely candidate is Barbara Raeburn, who married a James Rob in Auchterless in 1750.