In the last post I mentioned the marriage of Isabella Robb (b. 1862), daughter of George Robb of Fisherford, to Thomas Adam. Marina Alexander has also sent me details of their children, and I’ve been able to confirm and add to this information by consulting the census record for 1891.

Thomas and Isabella had the following children:

Jane Gammack Adam, born 3rd April 1880 in Fisherford, and obviously named after Isabella’s sister, Jane Gammack Robb

Lizzie Adam, born 4th January 1882 at Tillymorgan Cottages, Culsalmond

Albert Victor Adam, born 13th July 1887 at the same address

Helen (or Nellie) Robb McWilliam Adam, born 23rd February 1889 (her middle names are her mother’s maiden name and the surname of a near neighbour who was a witness at her parents’ wedding), at the same address

Mary Adam, born about 1890, at the same address

Agnes Callender Anderson Adam, born 7 February 1892, at Jericho Distillery, Culsalmond.

Regarding Agnes’ place of birth: the 1891 census describes Thomas as a ‘still man’, so he probably worked at the William Smith distillery in Jericho, and by the time of his youngest daughter’s birth the family seems to have moved ‘on site’.

Alex Forbes’ family tree at Ancestry includes information about the next generation of Adams. Albert married Elizabeth McIntosh England at Upper Canada, Premnay, on 29th January 1908. They had two children. John Catto Adam, born 24 July 1908 at Mains of Williamstone Cottage, Culsalmond, married Evelyn Beattie and they had a son Robert. John died at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in 1988; Elizabeth had predeceased him in 1952. Violet Hendry Glennie Adam, born 14th March 1922 at North Sunside, Rayne, married Daniel Duncan Ross of Kintore at the Recreation Hall, Colpy, on 16th December 1939. They had 9 children. Violet died on 5th April 1990 at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and Daniel  on 26th January 1981.