Following on from the last two posts: Marina Alexander has also taken photos of two Robb-related tombstones in Culsamond Old Parish Churchyard. Here’s one of them:


The inscription reads as follows (thanks to Marina for help with deciphering):

Erected by Charles McWilliam

Tillymorgan Cottage

In memory of his sons


Died 21st August 1881 aged 23 years


Died 6th February 1896 aged 19 years

And his wife

Helen Robb

Died 4th Feb 1900 aged 69 years

Also their son John

Died at Glack 23rd April 1904 aged 40 years

The Helen Robb mentioned here would appear to be the daughter of George Robb and Isobel Clark of Fisherford. Born in 1832, Helen married Charles McWilliam on 2nd July 1855. 

Charles’ marriage to Helen explains why he was a witness at the marriage of her half-sister, Isabella, to Thomas Adam, in 1880. In an earlier post, I mentioned that Charles was a near neighbour to Thomas and Isabella (in Tillymorgan Cottages) at the time of the 1891 census, but I hadn’t realised that he was married to another Robb daughter.

More information on Charles and Helen in another post.