Following on from the previous post, Marina also took a photo of two heart-shaped grave stones in the overgrown St Thomas churchyard in Fisherford:


The inscriptions appear to read as follows:

John C. Robb, died 5th May 1890

In memory of Susan D. Robb, wife of John C. Robb, died 21st March 1903 age (?) 70 years

It’s most likely that these are the graves of John Robb, born in 1834, the son of George Robb (1804 – 1880) and Isobel Clark, of Fisherford. According to another family tree that I came across at Ancestry, John married Susan Davidson (born 1833) in 1856.

I’ve found the record of their marriage at Scotland’s People, and it tells us that they were married at St Thomas, Tillymorgan, John being a farm servant living at Ladybog (?), Auchterless, and Susan a domestic servant at a place in Forgue that I can’t quite make out at the moment, the daughter of James Davidson, a blacksmith.

If the records at Ancestry are to be believed, John and Susan had 6 children: Ann (1858), Barbara (1862) , Helen (1864), John (1866), William (1869) and Margaret (1870).

Susan’s age, as given on the grave stone, certainly fits with her being born in 1833, so it’s likely that this is the right couple.