The family of Charles and Helen (Robb) McWilliam

Continuing from the previous post…

Putting together information gleaned from a family tree that I came across at Ancestry, together with census records, I conclude that Charles and Helen McWilliam had the following children:

Ann (1856), Alexander (1856), Charles (1857), Elizabeth (1859), George (1860), Margaret (1862), John (1864), Helen (1866), William (1868), Robert (1870), Isabella (1873), David (1876) and Gordon (1878).

The dates for Charles, John and David tally with the dates on the gravestone mentioned in the last post.

I understand that Robert McWilliam died in 1958, but I don’t have any more information on the other McWilliam children.

I’ve found the record of Helen (Robb) McWilliam’s death. Confirming the date on the gravestone, it notes that she died on 4th February 1900, aged 71 years, at Tillymorgan Cottages, Culsamond, of bronchitis and influenza. Her parents, both deceased, are named as George Robb, innkeeper, and Helen (an erorr: it should be Isobel) Robb, maiden name Clark. The death was registered by her son G. McWilliam (either George or Gordon).

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3 Responses to The family of Charles and Helen (Robb) McWilliam

  1. John Bird says:


    I am researching the McWilliam family, In particular I have a close family interest in Charles McWilliam and Helen Robb and their family. While having a lot information on the family I have a “brick wall” with Charles McWilliam, in not being able to find his actual date of birth or death. It appears he was born about 1829, the son of John McWilliam and Isabel Wilson. Baptismal/birth dates are known for his siblings but not Charles. It would appear he was still alive when Helen died in 1900 but i cannot find out the actual date. It is also interesting that the family memorial in Culsamond has Helen, and their sons, but not Charles.
    I would appreciate any information or thoughts you may have .


    John Bird
    Melbourne Australia

    Congratulations on a great site

    • Martin says:

      Hi John. Thanks for your comment. It’s been ages since I looked at the Scottish branch of my family history, so forgive me if I can’t really help with your questions. Do you subscribe to Scotland’s People? I had a quick look there, and the only Charles McWilliam I can find at this period was christened in 1832. He was the son of James McWilliam and Elspet Murray of Cairnie, Aberdeenshire, which (as I understand it) isn’t a million miles from Charles’ supposed birthplace of Aberlour (the home of a particularly nice malt whisky, I’ve recently discovered!). I hope this helps. I hope to return to my Robb ancestors at some point, so watch this space!
      Best wishes

      • John Bird says:

        Hi Martin.

        I have finally found out when Charles McWilliam died. It was on 24 May 1914 at Tullos in Chapel of Garioch Parish Aberdeenshire. He was born about 1829 in Arberlour Banffshire, one of children of John McWilliam and Isabella Wilson..

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