Continuing from the previous post…

Putting together information gleaned from a family tree that I came across at Ancestry, together with census records, I conclude that Charles and Helen McWilliam had the following children:

Ann (1856), Alexander (1856), Charles (1857), Elizabeth (1859), George (1860), Margaret (1862), John (1864), Helen (1866), William (1868), Robert (1870), Isabella (1873), David (1876) and Gordon (1878).

The dates for Charles, John and David tally with the dates on the gravestone mentioned in the last post.

I understand that Robert McWilliam died in 1958, but I don’t have any more information on the other McWilliam children.

I’ve found the record of Helen (Robb) McWilliam’s death. Confirming the date on the gravestone, it notes that she died on 4th February 1900, aged 71 years, at Tillymorgan Cottages, Culsamond, of bronchitis and influenza. Her parents, both deceased, are named as George Robb, innkeeper, and Helen (an erorr: it should be Isobel) Robb, maiden name Clark. The death was registered by her son G. McWilliam (either George or Gordon).