From the Aberdeenshire & North-East Scotland Family History Society, I’ve just received extracts from the Aberdeenshire Poll Book of 1696, for the parishes of Turriff and Auchterless, and for the parishes of Insch, Culsamond and Rayne. Apparently details were collected on every pollable (i.e. taxable) person over sixteen who was not a beggar.

Of course, my purpose is to discover if any of my Robb ancestors were living in these areas at the time. I discovered that there were no Robbs in Turriff, or in Auchterless, which is both disappointing and surprising, given that there were so many a half-century later.

In Insch there was an Alexander Rob at Greinhall, and an Elspet Rob, married to Hierom Gibb, ‘couper’, in Knockenbaird (these villages appear to be close to one another). 

In the parish of Culsalmond we find an Alexander Rob, ‘grassman’, and his wife, at Moss Side of Polwhit, and a John Robb, ‘tennent’, and his wife, at Brankanenhum, not far away. Neither location is very far, either, from the two places mentioned in Insch.

As for the parish of Rayne, there we find John Rob, a ‘tayleor’, his wife, and George Robb, ‘their son’, in New Rayne. Again, this is not very far from the places mentioned above.