James Rob and Barbara Raeburn at Mains of Badenscoth

Thanks to a new contact via Ancestry, I’ve found out more about one of the Robbs listed in this post.  It appears that the James Rob who married Barbara Raeburn in Auchterless in 1750 lived at Mains of Badenscoth. Barbara’s father was Alexander Raeburn.

According to the records, James and Barbara had a son, John in 1747: note, however, that this is before the supposed date of their marriage. John married Jean Murray in 1771 and they had a son, also named John, in 1774. This John Robb married Christine Mennie of Forgue. They had ten children and lived in Turiff.

I’ve yet to establish how (if at all) James Rob of Badenscoth was related to my own ancestors, or whether there is any connection with the James Robb(s?) to be found living at Bruckhills, Meiklebogs and Scotackesford. There were at least two more James Robbs living in the parish at the time: the James Robb who married Ann Maitland and lived at Overhill, and the James Robb who married Margaret Shand and lived at Thorneybank.

The Robbs’ habits of moving around between properties, and of giving their children similar names in each generation (so many Alexanders, Jameses, Williams, John and Georges!), don’t help!

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