I’m grateful to John Brechin for discovering the following unpublished Auchterless Kirk MIs (monumental inscriptions):

311 Erected by Eliz Joass in memory of her husband John Reburn, farmer in bog of Badenscotch d 13 Feb 1761 aged 30, and two of his sons.

312 To the memory of William Robb late farmer in Logie Newton d 19 Mar 1817 aged 68. His spouse Agnes Cruickshank d 1831 aged 75. Also Alexander Robb their only son d Newton 8 Aug 1864 in 67th year.

313 In memory of Alexander Robb b Newton 1782 – d Aberdeen 18 May 1865 aged 82.

314 In memory of Alexander Robb farmer in Logie Newton d Aug 1811 aged 97 also Mary Raeburn his spouse d Feb 1809 aged 86. Their son Alexander Robb also farmer in Newton d 17 Mar 1833 aged 87, his spouse Amelia Cruickshank d 1829 aged 77, their grandson John Thomson d 1830 aged 22.

473 Placed here by John Robb, blacksmith of Woodend of Laithers in memory of his spouse Christian Mennie d 1820 aged 38. Their son John d 1824 aged 18.

474 Flat Robb/Williamson

These inscriptions provide us with useful information about some of the Auchterless Robbs I listed in this post. Specifically, we can now conclude the following:

The Alexander Robb who married Mary Raeburn in 1743 was born in 1714 and died in 1811. His wife Mary was born in 1723 and died in 1809. She was the daughter of Alexander Raeburn of Boggs, as was the Barbara Raeburn who married James Rob (see this post) in 1750: could Alexander and James have been two brothers who married two sisters?

At the time of his death Alexander Robb was described as a farmer in Logie Newton. However, it’s likely that he is also the Alexander Rob of Scotackesfoord mentioned in a number of the records. In 1744 (the year after his marriage) we learn that Alexander Rob in Scotackesfoord had a daughter Elspat and that Alexander Rob senior (his father?) in Mains of Badenscoth was a witness. In 1746 Alexander Rob in Scotackesfoord had a son Alexander and that Alexander Rob senior and Alexander Raeburn were witnesses.

It was this son Alexander who would marry Amelia Cruickshank in 1799 and die in 1833. Amelia was born in 1752, the daughter of George Cruickshank of Glenmellan, and died in 1829. Alexander and Amelia, in their turn, would be the parents of yet another Alexander Robb, born in 1782 (the baptism was witnessed by George Cruickshank). The John Robb born in 1788 to Alexander Robb in Newton was probably also their son.

The William Robb who married Agnes Cruickshank was born in 1749 and died in 1817. His wife Agnes was born in 1756, the daughter of Alexander Cruickshank of Middletown, and died in 1831. I wrote about their only son, Alexander, who was born in 1797 and 1864, in this post. It was his death certificate that mentioned Rev John Robb, owner of Pittrichie, as a possible cousin.

I’ve been unable to find any record in the Old Parish Registers of a William Robb born in Auchterless in about 1749, or of an Alexander Robb born in about 1714. It could be that the records are missing, or that the Robbs moved into the parish from elsewhere at some point in the early 18th century.

The Robb/Williamson inscription could refer to the John Rob who married an Anne Williamson in 1742.

The John Robb who married Christian Mennie was the grandson of James Rob and Barbara Raeburn.