Following on from the last two posts:

In this post, I’ve grouped together events by name, as another way of imposing some order on the information from the parish records. There’s no guarantee, of course, that the same name means the same person (e.g. there are at least four different Alexander Robbs listed here): sorting out who belongs to whom is the next step.


1714            Alexander Robb born (will marry Mary Raeburn)

1744            Alexander Robb senior a witness (Badenscoth)

1740             Alexander Robb has son Peter (Badenscoth)

1742            Alexander Robb has son Peter (Badenscoth)

1743            Alexander Robb marries Mary Raeburn

1744            Alexander Robb  has son Charles (Badenscoth)

1749            Alexander Robb has daughter Sarah (Badenscoth)

1744             Alexander Robb has daughter Elspat (Scotackesfoord)

1746             Alexander Robb has son Alexander (Scotackesfoord) (Raeburn witness)

                      Alexander Robb a witness (Logie Newton)

1763             Alexander Robb marries Margaret Wilson

1763            Alexander Robb a witness

1764            Alexander Robb has daughter Mary

1765            Alexander Robb has daughter Janet

1766            Alexander Robb has daughter Jean

1767            Alexander Robb younger a witness (Logie Newton)

1769            Alexander Robb younger a witness (Logie Newton)

1774            Alexander Robb a witness (Logie Newton)

1776             Alexander Robb a witness (Logie Newton)

1779             Alexander Robb (born 1746) marries Amelia Cruickshank

1779            Alexander Robb junior has daughter Mary (Logie Newton)

1782            Alexander Robb (with Amelia Cruickshank) has son Alexander (Logie Newton)

1788            Alexander Robb has son John (Logie Newton)


1747            James Robb has son John (Badenscoth) (Raeburn witness)

1750            James Robb marries Barbara Raeburn (Badenscoth)

1751            James Robb has daughter Isobel (Scotackesfoord)

1753             James Robb has daughter Isobel (Meiklebogs) (Raeburn witness)

1755            James Robb has daughter Mary (Bruckhills)

1757            James Robb has son William (Bruckhills)

1779            James Robb a witness (Bruckhills)


1742            John Robb marries Anne Williamson

1749             John Robb marries Martha Coilson

1750            John Robb has daughter Elspet

1755            John Robb a witness (Newbigging)

1761            John Robb  a witness (Newbigging)

1766            John Robb a witness (Newbigging)

1771            John Robb (born 1747?) marries Jean Murray


1757            James Robb has son William (Bruckhills)

1763            George Robb has son William (Logie Newton)

1772            William Robb a witness

1776           William Robb a witness

1781            William Robb marries Elizabeth Jamieson

1783            William Robb has son George

1785            William Robb has daughter Ann (Heatherybraes)

1796            William Robb marries Elizabeth Alexander

1796            William Robb marries Agnes Cruickshank (Inverkeithny)

1797            William Robb and Agnes Cruickshank have son Alexander (Logie Newton)

1817            William Robb, husband of Agnes, dies (Logie Newton)