In my post about the Auchterless Poll Book of 1696, I mentioned that George Gordon was the laird of Badenscoth at the time, and that he owned a number of the properties that would be farmed by various Robbs a half century or so later. According to the Poll Book, George Gordon was married to Helen Keith and they had a daughter, Jean, and sons Alexander, George and William. It appears that at some point in the succeeding decades William inherited the lairdship. He had a son, James, and  daughters Catherine and Jane. Catherine married Alexander Forbes (laird?) of Blackford, while Jane married James Leslie, second laird of Rothie, in 1760. When James Gordon died without issue in 1788, Catherine and Jane became co-heiresses, at which point James Leslie bought Catherine’s half of the inheritance, thus uniting the estate of Badenscoth to that of Rothie.

Thus the Badenscoth estate, which had been the property of the Gordon family for generations, passed into Leslie hands. There’s an archive of Leslie family papers, I think in Aberdeen, which may be a good source of information about land ownership and tenancies at Badenscoth.