Following on from the last two posts, here’s an updated list of the main places in Auchterless associated with the Robbs in the 18th century records. It shows that, during the first half of the century, they were based at Mains of Badenscoth and other properties in that area (perhaps all belonging to the laird of Badenscoth), whereas from the mid-century onward Logie Newton becomes the main base for the family.


1740            Alexander Robb has son Peter

1742            Alexander Robb has son Peter

1744           Alexander Robb (with Mary Raeburn?) has son Charles

1744            Alexander Robb senior a witness

1747            James Robb has son John

1748          Alexander Robb has daughter Mary

1748          James Robb a witness

1749            Alexander Robb has daughter Sarah

1750            James Robb marries Barbara Raeburn

1751           Alexander Robb a witness


1744             Alexander Robb (with Mary Raeburn?) has daughter Elspat

1746            Alexander Robb has son Alexander (will marry Amelia Cruickshank?)

1747          Alexander Robb younger a witness

1751            James Robb (with Barbara Raeburn?) has daughter Elspet

1753          Alexander Robb has son James


1753            James Robb (with Barbara Raeburn) has daughter Isobel


1755            James Robb has daughter Mary

1757            James Robb has son William

1759           James Robb has daughter Grace

1761          James Robb has daughter Elizabeth

1766           George Robb a witness

1771          James Robb a witness

1779            James Robb a witness


1745          John Robb a witness

1754         John Robb a witness

1755         John Robb a witness (x 2)

1759        John Robb a witness

1761        John Robb a witness

1766        John Robb a witness


1763            George Robb has son William

1765            George Robb has son John

1765            Alexander Robb has daughter Janet

1766           Alexander Robb has daughter Jean

1767            George Robb has son Alexander

                    Alexander Robb a witness

1769            George Robb has son George

                    Alexander Robb a witness

1769         Alexander Robb has son James

1769         Alexander Robb, tailor, has son John

1772            George Robb has son James

                    William Robb a witness

1773         Alexander Robb a witness

1774            George Robb has daughter Jean

                    Alexander Robb a witness

1776            George Robb has daughters Mary and Isobel

                     Alexander and William Robb witnesses

1776           Alexander Robb a sponsor

1779           Alexander Robb junior has daughter Mary

1779          Alexander Robb a witness

1782           Alexander Robb (with Amelia Cruickshank) has son Alexander

1788            Alexander Robb has son John

1797            William Robb and Agnes Cruickshank have son Alexander

1817            William Robb, farmer at Logie Newton, dies

1831             Agnes Robb (Cruickshank) dies

1840/50s   Alexander Robb (son of William and Agnes) farming at  Logie Newton (dies there 1864)

1841            Alexander Robb (son of Alexander and Amelia) ‘retired farmer’ of Logie Newton living in Aberdeen (dies there, 1865)


1779            George Robb has son Charles 


1785            William Robb has daughter Ann


1795            James Robb and Ann Maitland have son James

1796            James Robb and Ann Maitland have daughter Mary Elizabeth


1768                  Patrick Robb has son Alexander

1770                  Patrick Robb has daughter Margaret

1771                  Peter Robb has son John

1772                  Peter Robb has daughter Barbara

1773                  Peter Robb a witness

1774                  Peter Robb has daughter Jean