James Robb of Mains of Badenscoth married Barbara Raeburn in 1750. Barbara was born in 1727, the daughter of Alexander Raeburn, and thus the younger sister of the Mary Raeburn who married Alexander Robb (b. 1714) in 1743. It seems likely that James and Alexander were closely related, and my current theory is that they were two brothers (possibly sons of an Alexander Robb ‘senior’) who married two sisters. As with Alexander, I’ve yet to find any record of James’ birth: there are certainly no James Robbs born in Auchterless in the first part of the 18th century, if the Old Parish Registers are to be believed.

There’s a record of James Robb at Mains of Badenscoth having a son baptised in 1747, with a John Raeburn as a witness, so it’s possible that James and Barbara conceived their first child out of wedlock (either that, or the dates have become confused). James was also a witness at the baptism of the daughter of George Maitland of Inverkeithny in 1748.

It’s likely that it’s the same James Robb who had a daughter Elspet at Scotackesfoord in 1751, and certainly a daughter Mary at Meiklebogs in 1753, as on that occasion John Raeburn (Barbara’s brother?) was again a witness.

Thereafter, all the events associated with the name of James Robb occur at Bruckhills. These include the births of Mary (in 1755: as in other cases, this may indicate that the first child called Mary died), William (1757), Grace (1759) and Elizabeth (1761). James was a witness to the baptism in 1761 of John, son of the late John Raeburn and his wife Elizabeth. He was still at Bruckhills in 1771, when he was a witness to the baptism of the daughter of John Cruickshank, also of Bruckhills; and in 1779, when he witnessed the baptism of my 3 x great grandfather, Charles, son of George Robb of Fisherford. Perhaps George was another brother, and therefore my great-great-great grandfather’s uncle?

This is the last date in the records that we can more or less positively associate with this James Robb. It’s likely that later events associated with the name James Robb relate to the James who married Ann Maitland in 1788 and lived at Overhill.

According to my genealogical contact, Lesley Tutty, who can trace her family back to James and Barbara, their son John married Jean Murray in 1771 and they in turn had a son John, born in 1774, who married Christine Mennie of Forgue. As mentioned in a previous post, it’s possible that James and Barbara’s son William was the same William Robb who married Agnes Cruickshank and farmed at Logie Newton. If that’s the case, and my theory about Alexander and James being brother is correct, then William would have farmed at Logie Newton alongside his cousin, Alexander (born 1746) who, like him, married a Cruickshank.

Here’s a photo of the view towards Bruckhills:

view to bruckhills


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