Margaret Robb and George Maitland

In my updated timeline for the Robbs of Auchterless, I included the information that a Margaret Robb married a George Maitland in 1745. Then, in 1748, James Robb at Mains of Badenscoth was a witness to the birth of George’s daughter, Isabelle. I mistakenly transcribed George’s location as Inverkeithny (in Banffshire), when on closer inspection in turns out to be Inverthernie, not far from Towie, in Auchterless.

The full list of children born to George , and presumably Margaret, is as follows: Alexander (1747), James (1747), Isabelle (1748), James (1751), Anne (1752), Adam (1753), William (1755) and Margaret (1758).

The fact that James (who married Barbara Raeburn in 1743 and would later live at Bruckhills) was a witness to at least one of these children’s baptisms suggests that Margaret was a member of the same Robb family. My current hypothesis is that she was a sister to James, Alexander, John and George.

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2 Responses to Margaret Robb and George Maitland

  1. Neale Ferguson says:

    Hi, I have traced my wife’s family back to the Maitland, Rob(b), and Morrison families of the Auchterless area. I believe she came from George Maitland & Margaret Robb -> Ann & James Cruden -> Margaret & James Morrison -> Helen & James Murray. I did this based on information from Scotlands People website, it’s more than possible there’ve been mistakes!
    We were in Auchterless on Wednesday looking through the cemetery.
    Neale Ferguson

    • Martin says:

      Thanks for the comment, Neale. I haven’t looked at my Robb ancestors for a while, as I think I’ve gone as far as I can with Scotland’s People. I’m jealous of your visit to Auchterless – I live in southern England and have yet to make it any farther north than Edinburgh!

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