Another poem by Rev William Robb

I’ve managed to find an electronic copy online of Rev. William Robb’s long poem ‘The patriotic wolves: a fable’. Although originally attributed simply to ‘a Scotch Episcopal clergyman’, the author has been identified as my 3 x great uncle. The copy I’ve found is the 2nd edition, published in Edinburgh in 1793. I hope to post a full analysis of the poem at a later date, but for now suffice to say that it’s a counterblast against the ideas of the French Revolution and a defence of monarchy, cast in the form of a fable about wolves and sheep.  

There are numerous crossings-out and amendments by hand on the text, but it’s unclear whether these are the work of the author, the publisher, or an earlier owner of the copy.

Here’s the title page:


pwolves 1And here’s the ‘advertisement’:

pwolves2Finally, here’s a taster – the first few stanzas of the poem:



Eighteenth Century Collections Online
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