I’ve obtained a copy of the Frank Everard Robb’s marriage certificate, which confirms some of the speculative suggestions that I made in an earlier post.

Frank was the son of David Edward Robb, who was himself the son of my great grandfather, Charles Edward Robb. So Frank was my father’s cousin. He married Grace Sainsbury on 17th July 1941 at the Methodist Chapel, Victoria Road, Diss, Norfolk. He was 31 and she was 24. In the earlier post I speculated that the wedding may have taken place in Norfolk – so far from where both Frank and Grace were born – because Frank was a Methodist minister, and therefore liable to be be moved on to another church every few years. However, the certificate describes him as a ‘lay pastor’, living at 3 Victoria Road, Diss, so perhaps he was still ‘in training’, before being ordained as a minister.

Grace is described as a book keeper for a dairy company, and her address at the time of marriage as 119 Gresham Drive, Chadwell Heath. Her father, who had died by this time, was Edwin James, a chapel caretaker, so it seems likely that the couple met through the church. At the time of the marriage Frank’s father David was working as an adhesive manufacturer.

The ceremony was conducted by the minister, Charles E. Penrose. The names of the witnesses are interesting. As well as Sarah H. Sainsbury and Enid Margaret Robb (the latter Frank’s sister), Charles Edward Robb is also mentioned. As I’ve noted in previous posts, we don’t know the date of my great grandfather’s death. However, if this is indeed him, he would have been 90 years old: possible, but unlikely, especially as my father, who was born in 1933, has no memory of him. Could it be Frank’s oldest brother, Charles, whose middle name I’m unsure of?