Until now I’ve been mystified by the address given on their marriage certificate for my great grandfather and great grandmother, Charles Edward Robb and Louisa Bowman. They were married on 16th December 1877 and gave their address as 22 Buxton Terrace. Since both of their families lived at the time in the Whitechapel area, I assumed that this street was somewhere in the vicinity, but had failed to find it on contemporary maps.

However, looking again at the certificate today, I noted that the wedding took place at St. Luke’s Victoria Docks, which is in Canning Town, some way to the east of the Whitechapel / Stepney area. This set me looking for street names in that area, and I discovered in an 1855 trade directory for Stratford New Town, as it was then known, a butcher in Buxton Terrace, which I assume is whether the current Buxton Road is.

This would fit with the fact that, four years later, in the 1881 census, Charles and Louisa were living at Trinity Terrace in Trinity Street, West Ham. Charles was working as a tally clerk, I think at the docks. Could it be that in 1877 he was already working on the docks, but (as the marriage certificate says) as a labourer?

If this is the case, then my family’s association with what is now the Newham area go back further than I thought, to the 1870s.