I’ve obtained copies of the death certificates for my great great grandfather, William Robb, and his second wife, Marianne Mansfield Palmer.

Mary Anne (that’s the way her name is written, as on their marriage certificate) died on 7th July 1883 at 70 Turner’s Road, Mile End. She was 52 years old. She is described as ‘wife of William Robb, stationer’s clerk’. The cause of death is difficult to read, but I think it’s phthisis  (tuberculosis). William was present at the death.

William died on 4th August 1888 at 25 Oxford Street, Whitechapel. He was 74 years old and his occupation is given as ‘law writer’. The causes of death were senile decay and exhaustion. The informant, who was present at the death, was his son – my great grandfather – Charles Edward Robb, of 3 Betts Street, St. George’s. Charles would have been 37 at the time.