I thought it would be useful to produce a timeline, with addresses, for my 3 x great grandfather and his family, after they moved to London sometime in the 1820s or 1830s (see previous post). Doing this has already thrown up one poignant fact that I hadn’t noticed before: my great-great-grandmother, Margaret Ricketts Monteith Robb, died on the day (1st December 1843) that her grand-daughter, Elizabeth Margaret Robb, was born.

May 1836            William Robb marries Fanny Seager, St. George the Martyr, Queen Street, Bloomsbury (no addresses given)

February 1838    Birth of Margaret Fanny Monteith Robb at 6 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden

February 1840    Death of Margaret Fanny Monteith Robb at 7 Crown Court, St. Clement Danes

February 1841     Elizabeth Robb marries Joseph Boden. Elizabeth’s address: Charing Cross

April 1841            Birth of William Henry Robb at 12 Old Compton Street

June 1841            Census: Charles, Margaret, George William and William Robb at (29?) Charing Cross

December 1843   Birth of Elizabeth Margaret Robb at 33 Old Compton Street

Death of Margaret Ricketts Monteith Robb at 29 Charing Cross

March 1844         John Robb marries Mary Ann Downes. Address: Kensington Lane, Lambeth (?)

March 1846         Birth of Charles Edward Stuart Robb junior to John and Mary Ann Robb at 16 Lambeth Road

January 1847      Death of Charles Edward Stuart Robb junior at 16 Lambeth Road

December 1847   Death of George William Robb at 8 Villiers Street. William Robb living at 49 Parliament Street

January 1851        Birth of Charles Edward Robb at 33 Old Compton Street, Soho

February 1851        Death of Fanny Sarah Seager Robb at 33 Compton Street

March 1851            Census:

Charles Robb at 40 Tenison Street, Lambeth

William Robb at 16 Queen Street, Soho

Elizabeth Robb and Joseph Boden in St. Lawrence Lane, Mary-le-Bow

June 1853               Death of Charles Robb at 40 Tenison Street, Lambeth

It’s frustrating that Pallot’s marriage index – our source for the marriage of William Robb and Fanny Seager – only provides very basic information, so we don’t know where William was living in 1836, and specifically whether he and his family were yet at 29 Charing Cross. The earliest definite date we have for their residence there is February 1841, when William’s sister Elizabeth was married from that address.

We can only speculate as to when the Robbs left Charing Cross. They were certainly there in 1843, when Margaret died, and they were definitely gone by the time of the 1851 census. By 1847 at the latest, Charles’ unmarried son George William was living elsewhere (in Villiers Street). I wonder if this indicates that his father had also moved by this date. There remains the mystery of how the widowed Charles came to be living in Lambeth in 1851. Could it be that he moved south of the river before that date, to live with or near his newly-married son John, who named his short-lived son after him in 1846? Perhaps the fact that Charles had moved to another address in Lambeth by 1851 indicates that John himself had died or moved away by that date (I have no records for him after the death of his baby son in December 1847)?