Farmland near Redhill

Farmland near Redhill, Auchterless

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In the 1861 census, households in Fisherford are preceded by properties in Ladybog and Auchinhove. The properties in Fisherford itself are listed as follows (note that the Stephen, Florence and Craw households were all described as being ‘over Fisherford’ in the 1851 census):


Samuel Stephen, widower, 60, farmer 130 acres, employs 2 men 1 boy

William Stephen, son, 24

Ann Stephen, daughter, 22, domestic servant

Margaret Stephen, daughter, 16, domestic servant

George Cruickshank, servant, 23, ploughman

Alexander Anderson, servant, 18, ploughman

James Adams, servant,14 , agricultural labourer


James Florence, widower, 79, farmer 18 acres

Mary Florence, daughter, 51, domestic servant

Isobel Florence, sister, 68

Isobel Geddes, boarder, 6, scholar


Elspet Craw, 66, pauper

Laticia (?) Petrie, visitor, 49, pedlar

Elizabeth Bruce, visitor, 18, pedlar


John Florence, 45, agricultural labourer

Isobel Florence, wife, 44

John Florence, son, 19, agricultural labourer

Barbara Florence, daughter, 15, domestic servant

Alexander Florence, son, 9

Peter Florence, son, 7, scholar

Thomas Florence, son, 5, scholar

Christian Florence, daughter, 2


Christian Flight (?), 74, pauper

Elspet Florence, 13, nurse for pauper

Alexander Moir (?), boarder, 34, agricultural labourer


George Robb, 54, inn (proprietor?) (farmer?) of 20 acres

Elizabeth Robb, wife, 40

Charles Robb, son, 19, ploughman

Barbara Robb, daughter, 15, domestic servant

William Robb, son, 13, scholar

Mary Robb, daughter, 10

Ann Robb, daughter, 8, scholar


Robert Hall, 35, merchant

Barbara Hall, wife, 38

John Hall, son, 10, scholar

Margaret Hall, daughter, 12

Isobel Hall, daughter, 5


Elizabeth Robb, widow, 77, pauper

Mary Bodie, servant, 13, nurse for pauper


George Booth, 25, ploughman

Ann Booth, wife, 23

Barbara Booth, daughter, 2

Charles Booth, son, 2 months

George Davidson, visitor, 44, merchant


Charles Booth, 67, farmer of 140 acres employs 2 men, 1 woman, 1 boy

Margaret Booth, wife, 67

James Booth, son, 32, ploughman

Mary Angus, granddaughter, 8

John Forsyth, servant, 16, agricultural labourer

John Barnet (?), servant, 14, agricultural labourer

Ann Edson (?), 30, domestic servant

Details of properties in Redhill follow.

There are a number of points of interest here. Clearly, the death of James Robb in 1857 left his widow, Elizabeth, without an income – and thus in official eyes a ‘pauper’. However, her stepson George’s circumstances haven’t changed greatly in ten years: he is still running the village inn and farming 20 acres of land. He is now one of four farmers in the village. Charles Booth still has the biggest property, at 140 acres, while Samuel Stephen and James Florence farm 130 and 18 acres respectively. One wonders if any of these took over James Robb’s modest 9 acres on his death?