In a recent post I noted that my great grandmother, Sarah Londors, was a widow with a young daughter, Mabel, when she married my great grandfather, George Londors, in 1896. I think I’ve discovered the record of her first marriage – to Charles Young.

According to the record, 26 year old Charles Young, a marker (?) by trade, son of labourer Edward Young, married 22 year old Sarah Shaw, daughter of glazier Thomas Shaw, in the parish church of St. Mary, Little Ilford, on 18th April 1892. The couple were resident at 1 Gordon Road.

The ancient church of St. Mary's, Little Ilford, Essex

This date would fit with the likely birth of Sarah’s daughter, Mabel, in 1893. I haven’t found confirmation of Mabel’s birth yet, nor of Charles’ death, though it appears that the latter event might also have occurred in 1893.

My mother (granddaughter of George and Sarah Londors) has confirmed that her father, George John Londors, had a step-sister, Mabel, who died in the influenza epidemic at the end of the First World War.