Rev. William Robb, Episcopal clergyman, chaplain to Lord Elibank, and poet, was the older brother of my great great great grandfather, Charles Edward Stuart Robb. I’ve written about William in a number of other posts, but I thought it would be helpful to provide a chronology of his life, including a chronological list of his publications (or at least, those I know about):

1763                               Born at Logie Newton, Auchterless, Aberdeenshire, firstborn child of George Robb and Jean Syme.

Early 1780s (?)           Schoolmaster at Culsalmond, Auchterless

1784                              Seeks instruction from Episcopal minister at Meiklefolla

1787 – 1789                Episcopal Minister at Pittenweem

1789 – 1791                 Curate at St Andrews

1791                               Becomes minister at St Andrews

1793                             Two didactic essays on human happiness and the government of the passions

The patriotic wolves: a fable

1805                           Officiates at wedding of brother George Robb to Penelope Thomson, Glasgow

1807                          Elegiac verses on the ruins of St. Andrews

Verses on education, written by desire of the Right Honourable the Countess of Kelly

1808                          Jeu d’esprit: on the meeting of the imperial plunderers at Erfurth

God save the King, with additions and alterations suited to the times

1809                         Poems illustrative of the genius and influence of Christianity: to which are subjoined some fugitive pieces

1816 or 1817?         Visits brother Charles Edward Stuart Robb in Malton, Yorkshire

1818                          Resigns due to ill health (continues to draw salary until 1820)

1822                          A monody in the prospect of death, while labouring under a dangerous illness

1823 (?)                   A manual of the antiquities…of Moray (attributed)

1830                        Dies, Aberdeen

Ruins of St. Andrews cathedral, Fife