In the last post, I wrote about the family of Enoch and Ann Collinson, whose daughter Sabina married Caleb Roe, brother of my great great grandfather Daniel Roe. In this post, I want to write about Caleb, Sabina and their children.

As noted in the last post, Caleb Roe married Sabina Collinson on 27th July 1856 at St Jude’s, Bethnal Green, when they were both 23. Caleb was working as a carpenter and Sabina as a dressmaker. At the time they were living with Sabina’s parents, Enoch and Ann Collinson, at 10 Albion Buildings, a little to the west of Cambridge Heath Road and south of Hackney Road, near Felix Street.

When Caleb’s and Sabina’s first child, Eliza Sabina Roe (presumably named after her mother and her paternal grandmother) was baptised two years later, on 12th July 1857, at St. Leonard’s Church, Shoreditch, they had moved to 61 Cumberland Street, which was just north of Hackney Road, to the west of present-day Haggerston Park.

I haven’t found a baptismal record for Caleb’s and Sabina’s second child, Emily Constance, but other records indicate that she was born in March 1860 in the Hoxton / Shoreditch area.  A third daughter, Eleanor Sophia, was born almost exactly one year later and baptised at St. Leonard’s on 7th April 1871  At this date the family was living at 5 Grange Place .

By the  time the 1861 census was taken later that same year, they had moved again and were living at 141 St. John’s Road, Hoxton, where Caleb was working as a carpenter and joiner. On this record, their oldest daughter is named simply as ‘Sabina’, though the census enumerator manages to mangle the spelling somewhat.

Another daughter, Rosetta, was born in the following year in Shoreditch. Caleb’s and Sabina’s first son, Augustus Caleb, was born in 1864. I haven’t found a baptismal record for him, but other records indicate t that he was born in the parish of St Luke’s, Hackney, suggesting yet anther (brief?) change of address.  The family is back in Hoxton for the baptism of their next daughter Annie Elizabeth, at Holy Trinity church, in 1866. Their address is said to be 15 Windsor Street, as it was when their son Charles Caleb Roe was christened at the same church three years later. However, by the time another son, Horace, was baptised at the same church in 1870, they had moved to 41 Shepherdess Walk.  This is where they can be found at the the itme of the 1871 census, which describes Caleb, now 36, as a ‘journeyman carpenter’. By this time Caleb and Sabina had eight children between the ages of 11months and 13 years. A final daughter, Louisa Jane, would be born a year later, in June 1872, also in Hoxton.

By the time of the 1881 census when they are in their mid 40s, Caleb and Sabina have moved to 41 Ballance Road in Homerton, Hackney. Living with them are Eliza, 23, a greval (?) maker (for a hosier), Emily, 21, Eleanor,20 and Rosetta,18, all working as machinists /  seamstresses; Augustus, 16, a clerk; and Anne, 14, Charles, 11, Horace, 10 and Lousia, 8 , all still ‘scholars’. (Eliza) Sabina had married earlier that year (see below).

Caleb Roe died in 1890, at the age of 57, at 113 Rushmore Road, Clapton, Hackney. Sabina died in Manor Park in 1913 at the age of 80.

Homerton High Street in about 1880

This is what I know about what became of the children of Caleb and Sabina Roe:

Eliza Sabina Roe married printer’s compositor Edwin John Jones in West Ham in 1881. They had four children: Daisy Ethel (1882), Herbert Edwin (1884), Arthur Stanley (1887) and Frederick Jones (1898).  In 1891 they were living in Coopersale Road, Hackney, and in 1901 in Argyle Road, Cann Hall, Wanstead.

Emily Constance Roe married Daniel Richard Davis, at that time a watchmaker,  at St Luke’s, Hackney, in 1884. The had two children: Ethel Constance, born in Poplar in 1885,and Constance, born in Bow in 1893. In both 1891 and 1901 they were living at 68 Monier Road, Stratford le Bow.

Eleanor (or Ellen) Sophia Roe married another grocer, Alfred Edward Richard, at St Luke’s, Hackney, in 1886. They had seven children: Alfred (1887), Ernest (1889), Ellen (1891), Lillian (1893), Leonard (1896), and Cecil (1898). In 1891 Alfred and Ellen were living with the latter’s widowed mother Sabina and siblings Augustus, Horace and Louisa, at 113 Rushmore Road. Alfred was now working as a post office official. In 1901 they were at 62 Wragby Road, Cann Hall, presumably not far from Ellen’s sister Eliza Sabina and her family. Alfred was now described as a postman.

Rosetta Roe married clothier William Hefford at St. Luke’s, Hackney, in 1885. They both gave their address as Coopersale Road, the street where Rosetta’s sister Eliza Sabina and husband Edwin would be living six years later (and might already have been living at this time). In 1891 they were living at 2 Robinson Road, Bethnal Green, and William was working as a tailor’s cutter. Rosetta died there seven years later at the age of 36.

August Caleb Roe, who worked as a private secretary, married Sarah Ann Somerville at the church of St. John of Jerusalem, South Hackney, in 1894, when the ywere both 30. They gave their address as 143 Cassland Road. They had two sons: Herbert Augustus Somerville Roe, baptised at St. John’s in June 1896, when they were living at Meyvell (?) Crescent; and Somerville,  born in 1897 in Southend, where the family had moved by this time. The 1901 census finds them living in nearby Prittlewell. Augustus Roe died in Greenwich in 1915, at the age of 51.

Annie Elizabeth Roe married Henry James Richard Turner, a sorter with the post office, in 1891 at All Saints church, Clapton, when they gave their address as 113 Rushmore Road. Annie and Henry had three children: Annie (1893), Mary (1895) and Albert (1899). In 1901 they were living at 22 Cuthbert Road, Walthamstow, and Henry was working as a railways goods porter.

Charles Caleb Roe married Rosina Foot at S.t Michael and All Angels, Hackney in 1888. They were both 20 and living at 45 Percy Road. The groom’s father’s name is wrongly given in the record as Charles Caleb, rather than Cale. Charles and Rosina had seven children: Charles Edward (1888), Caleb Augustus (1890), Rosina (1893), Lily (1895), Maud Ellen (1896), Alice (1899) and William (1902) (My fellow family historian and pioneer in researching the history of the Roes, Ron Roe, is William’s son). In 1891 Charles and and Rosina were living in Marlow Road, Homerton , where a number of their neighbours were, like Charles, engaged in the trade of glass blowing. By 1901 they were living in Maclaren Street, Clapton, where Charles was now a greengrocer and shopkeeper. Rosina died in 1952 and Charles in 1953, at the age of 84.

Horace Roe married Florence Harriet Miller in 1892 at St Luke’s, Hackney. Horace was working as s a painter and they gave their address as Marlow Road 9(where Horaces brother Charles was living the year before). Hoeace and Florence had three children: Florence (1893), Beatrice (1896) and Edith (1898). In 1901 they were living at 8 Askew Street, South Hackney, where Horace was now working as a bricklayer’s labourer.

Louisa Jane Roe married boot-clicker Abert Davies in 1898 at St Pancras Old Church. At the time they were both living at separate addresses in Werrington Street. They had five children: Hannah (1893), Alice (1895), William (1897), Albert (1900) and Louisa (1902).  In 1901 they were living at 6 Devizes Street, Shoreditch, where Albert was working as a house decorator and Louisa (at home) as a tent maker’s machinist.