I wrote some time ago about John Robb (born 1816), brother of my great great grandfather William Robb (1813 -1888). At the time, the latest record I had for John was for January 1847, when his 10 month old son Charles died of meningitis. At that date John, a parliamentary agent, was living with his wife Mary Ann (nee Downes) at 16 Lambeth road  in Southwark.

I’ve recently discovered that John and Mary Ann had at least one more child. Mary Ann Robb was born on 5th October 1847 in Waterloo Road. The fact that she was baptised at St. Mary’s Lambeth on the same day may reflect parental anxiety about the health of this second child, too. In any event I’ve been unable to find any definite record of either Mary Ann or her parents after this date.

There’s one possible mention of the older Mary Ann in the 1901 census, which shows Mary Ann Downes, a widow of 78, living in St. Oswald’s Place, Lambeth and working at home as a shirt ironer.  If this is ‘our’ Mary Ann, having reverted to her maiden name, then it would mean that John Robb died some time between 1880, when his brother William noted in his memorandum that he believed John was still living, and 1901.