I’ve been revisiting my Londors ancestors (my mother was born Joyce Alma Londors, daughter of George John Londors). In the last-but-one post I wrote about the likely connections between the Londors, Schofield and Orgar families, while some time ago I traced my Londors forebears through the nineteenth century.

In the next few posts I want to review what I know about the Londors family, put it in some kind of order, and suggest links with other families and locations in the Barking area where they lived and worked for a number of generations. In this post, I want to set down the information I have about my earliest known Londors ancestor, my great great great grandfather John Londors.

Agricultural labourer John Londors was born in Woodford, Essex in about 1786. We don’t have a record of his birth, so we don’t know who his parents were, or when and how he came to be living in Barking. It seems that John married late, or he may have been married twice, since my great great great grandmother, Mary Ann, was some 16 years younger than him, being born in 1802. I’ve yet to find a record of their marriage, but their first son, also John (my great great grandfather) was born in Barkingside in 1827, so I would guess they married some time around 1825-6, almost certainly in Barking.

Woodford, Essex, in the 19th century

From the fact that they gave John junior the middle name ‘Schofield’, I’ve deduced that this was probably Mary Ann’s maiden name, and that she was the second of the three daughters of Barking farm labourer William Schofield and his wife Sarah, who can be found living close to the Londors family in the 1841 census.

John and Mary Ann Londors had six other children after John: Sarah (born in 1830), Elizabeth (1833), William (1837), Mary Ann (1840), James (1843) and George (1846), all of them born in Barking. The 1841 census finds John, 55, his wife Mary, 35 (39?), and their children John, 13, Sarah, 11, Elizabeth, 8, William 4, and Mary, 11 months, living at White Hall, Barkingside. By the time of the 1851 census, John, 65, and his wife Mary, 45 (49?), living in Beehive, Barkingside, have two more children: James, 8, and George, 5. John junior is now 23, William 14, and both are working, like their father, as agricultural labourers. Mary junior is now 10, James 8, and George 5. Sisters Sarah and Elizabeth, who would have been 21 and 18 respectively, are not mentioned (Elizabeth would marry in Bow in November, so perhaps she was already resident there). The household also included 22 year old visitor Sarah Brown, wife-to-be of John Schofield Londors.

The census was taken in March 1951. In June of that year John Schofield Londors married Sarah Brown, while in November Elizabeth married George Smith.


The 1861 census finds John Londors senior, 75 and Mary, 59, living at Hattons Corner with their daughter Mary, 27, and son James, 18. I’m not certain what had happened to George, but someone of that name died in the Romford area in 1856.

William Londors married Caroline Feller in 1864. In 1871 John, 85, and Mary, 68, were living alone in St Swithins Road. Their son John and his wife Sarah and children were living in the same road, as were daughter Elizabeth, her husband George Smith and their children, and son William, his wife Caroline and their children. I’ve yet to find the other two Londors children, James and Mary Ann, in the 1871 census, though ten years later James would be living at Hattons Corner, and in 1991 Mary Ann would be living with him at the same location.

John Londors senior died in 1876, at the age of 90, in Barkingside. As for his widow Mary Ann, the 1881 finds her, aged 78, living at Hattons Corner with her son James, 38. She died in 1887.