In the last post I wrote about my great great grandfather, Barking farm labourer John Schofield Londors (1827 – 1915), son of John Londors and Mary Ann Schofield. Continuing with my plan to set down everything I’ve discovered about the Londors family, in some kind of chronological order, I now turn my attention to John and Mary Ann’s other children – my 2 x great grandfather’s brothers and sisters.

John Schofield Londors was the eldest of seven children. His younger siblings were: Sarah (born in 1830), Elizabeth (1833), William (1837), Mary Ann (1840), James (1843) and George (1846).

I’ve been unable to find any records for Sarah Londors after the census of 1841, when she was eleven years old, and as mentioned before, it seems likely that George Londors died in 1856, at the age of ten.

However, we know that Elizabeth, William, Mary Ann and James survived into adulthood. The first two married and had children, while the latter two remained unmarried.

In the next few posts, I’ll be writing about each of these in turn, beginning with Elizabeth.