The children of John Schofield Londors and Sarah Brown

In the last few posts I’ve written about my maternal great great great grandparents, John and Mary Ann Londors of Barking, Essex, and their children, including my great great grandfather John Schofield Londors (1827 – 1915).


I now want to move on to the next generation, and to write about the children of John Schofield Londors and his wife Sarah Brown, including my great grandfather George Londors.

As I noted in an earlier post, agricultural labourer John Schofield Londors, who was born in Barking in 1827, married Sarah Ann Brown in 1851. They had seven children in total: Sarah Ann (born in 1853), Alma (1855), Alice Mary Ann (1859), Edith (1861), George (1863), Albert (1866) and Naomi Emma (1870).

All of these children appear to have survived into adulthood. We have definite information about what became of most of them, and I’m hoping that details of the others will emerge as more records become available.

In the next few posts, then, I shall be following the lives of each of John and Sarah Londors’ children in turn, setting down everything I’ve been able to ascertain from my own research as well as the contributions of relatives and fellow family historians.

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